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i am sick and tired of mac's safari and firefox window popping up when i want to open my mail. what the **** is going on, because no matter where i look i cannot see any 'download' "thing/button" to do so.  STUPID, STUPID STUPID!


How can i get rid of this iidiotic pop-up. allple is changing for the worst. you have to buy a new macpro in order to upgrade to a higher system, sounds like obamacare.

G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8), INTEL
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    You have probably clicked on a mailto: web link which directs links to send e-mail messages to wherever the webmaster chooses.    Go to the View menu -> Show Statusbar if it available, and then make sure the bottom of your screen is visible.  When you hover over a link, if it says: mailto: it will open in your default e-mail reading application set by your browser or your e-mail program preferences.


    Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Software Update lets you change how often you see the software update window.


    G5s are not Intels.