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I need some advice from Apple guru's... I have a 2009 MBP that no longer meets my needs (only 4g ram and 500g HD).  I have several large iphoto libraries and do lots with imovie.  I need more power!  I also travel some.


So... MBP or iMac????????


iMac is crazy poweful and has up to 3 TB of memory.  I really hate using External Drives.... I want stuff local as much as possible. I probably have 1.5TB worth of stuff (photos and movies) since I have small kids.


rMBP has crazy power too and has up to 1TB of memory.  Therefore I would need to use some EHD.  But I can also travel with it.


Here is what I am thinking... am I crazy?:


Buy both. 

Have iMac as the 'mothership' where I keep all my movies and photos from all years, except the current year.

Have rMBP with current year's iphoto and imovie libraries... then move those libraries to the iMac at end of every year.  This will allow me to travel with it also.


Can I remote into an iMac from rMBP if I am a 1000 miles away and need something from it?

Two computers may make for confusion regarding what's on what machine.


Can you tell I am confused!!!!