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I was working in the Terminal app.

I made a couple of cd to go to a folder (/Library/Parallels/downloads/). Then left the Terminal App.

After some time I deleted the parent folder (/Library/Parallels/) uninstalling Parallels.

After a while I went back to the Terminal app and since I thought I was in the main Downloads folder I downloaded files with curl, large files and it took a while.

When they finished download I searched for the files with Finder, and could not find them.

Surprised I did a ls in the Terminal app, and I saw only the files I downloaded, not the thousands of files I have in the Downloads folder.

At that point I realized the prompt in the Terminal app was showing I was in "downloads" with no caps, I didn't remember in which folder I was so I typed cd .. and I saw I was in folder "Parallels", at this point I remembered deleting that folder and I thought was strange, so I made another cd .. to move to the parent because I could not believe I was in a deleted folder; and I found myself in "Library".

I tried moving back to the deleted folder with cd Parallels, but didn't worked. Can't find the files through Spotlight or Finder.


What worries me is to have those files sitting around somewhere in the HD taking up space.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)