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I've written WD about this issue, and posted it on the WD Discussion board, but have gotten no response yet, several days later.

Possibly someone here can answer my question.


After attending the Photo Expo, I took advantage of the WD show discount and ordered a 2 TB My Passport For Mac External Hard drive since my 1 TB that I had been using for backup was getting near capacity.  Lots of Photos.


But when I ordered, on the Product Info page, it said it was formatted for Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion.  Now that I have received the drive, the box says it is for Lion or Mountain Lion.  No mention of Snow Leopard. My computer is an older Mac, and still using Snow Leopard.  It also indicates USB 3, and I believe my Mac only has USB 2.


WIll this work on an older computer running10.6.8, and with USB 2 ports?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    usb mass storage is a generic driver that havent changed in years your current wd ext hd and the new one use the same driver and the same driver is used by 10.6.7 and maverick 10.9


    usb 3 is usb2 backward compatible


    they just write those things because officially supporting every device and os ever made would be infinitely expensive for a company

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    Also, the first thing you should do after buying a WD drive is to format it as HFS Extended (Journaled) and not install ANY of their utilities but instead use reliable applications like CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper - or Time Machine.

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    THANKS - will be using with Time Machine.