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I ran into the issues with my iPhone 4S while trying to upgrade it it iOS 7.0.4 OTA and I have tried everything I can to recover it but no luck. I have tried different USB ports, different PCs altogether with av tuned off, and finally a MAC Pro this morning. I am stuck and miserable. I did everything that a number of forums have mentioned in terms of switching off anti-virus, clearing off host files, checking windows and mac firewall settings, setting the phone to DFU mode and trying over - you name it.


The error I run into most half way through the upgrade is "Unknown Error (29)". According to Apple (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3694), it has to do with anti-virus but last night I spent 2 hours building an image with no av or firewall running and tried and still ran into the error. Even tried "Fix it" from Microsoft to clear off the host file configurations as prescribed.


Any help is welcome. Much needed.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.3, Trying to Upgrade to iOS 7.0.4
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    Make an appointment at the genius bar and let them have a look at it.

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    I have made one for this evening but I am not very positive. They bricked me working iPhone 4S last time I went there when I was experiencing battery and signal issues post iOS 6.1.3 -> 7.0.1 upgrade. Then they threw their hands in the air and said my phone was out of warranty and tried to upsale me to an iPhone 5S.

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    I have the same trouble here, i tried several times using programs like tiny umbrella, Ireb, etc... anyways im stuck on recovery mode a friend told me that problem is with the "jailbreak" of my device from iOS i dont really know what it means but a little help will be grateful. really i did all u did "diablorags"



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    So I got myself an appointment at an Apple store. The key this time was that the Apple Genius associate did a "forceful" install using a MAC Air which he claimed was engineered to do a straight install vs trying to restore a bricked phone. It's like installing OS on a new phone that comes off assembly line. That did it! The phone was up and running and I was able to sync everything (except account details) onto the device using iCloud backup.


    So if you are having issues mentioned in thread, get an appointment and ask them to do a forceful or new install instead of reviving a bricked device.


    Good luck!

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    Hi diablorags, did you manage to get all your data? while doing this "forceful" install? My wife's iPhone 4S also having this problem, and she don't have any backup prior to April this year. And after I googling and search about this, I found that a lot of users also having this problem after trying to update to iOS 7.0.4.


    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

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    Hi Hose,


    I was able to recover my files from iCloud backup I had done after upgrading to 7.0.3 for the second time. The problem that I faced is that my first backup was behaving oddly. Since I don't have much on my phone besides two inboxes, I decided to do a set it up as a new phone. Once done, I did an iCould backup. That is the backup I used after going to 7.0.4 and it is still behaving oddly - may be it's 7.0.4. firmware or may be its the backup - I'm not sure.


    My recommendation is that if you are able to recover (fresh install or othersie) your stuck phone, then set it up as a new phone from scartch. It's painful. And after setting it up, sync it back to the iCloud and overwrite old copies.


    Good luck!

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    Hi, sorry for my late reply.
    FIXED!!!! For me anyway, and I hope for you!
    So I tried to update to ios 7 and after downloading the software itunes tried to update my iPad 3. I recieved the error 3004 and was stuck in the "Connect to iTunes" screen and


    could not get out of it. Completely annoyed!


    But then I remembered something from when I used to fiddle with iphones. I opened a program I had called TinyUmbrella, which can be used to force boot out of recovery mode (the


    "connect to itunes" screen).


    My ipad was still connected to itunes and in recovery mode. I opened TinyUmbrella, selected my ipad (which was just shown by the serial number), then clicked "Exit Recovery" and


    BAM!!! It immediately kicked my out of the recovery screen and started my ipad back up to my home screen.


    Now, my ipad was still on 6.1.3 since the update to ios 7 had failed. But I didn't care, my ipad was fully functional again just like I left it before. Thank God for


    TinyUmbrella! Here's the CNET link for TinyUmbrella if you need it: