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I do not know if this is a widespread problem or not, because I have searched exhaustively online to find an answer, but to no avail.  So here is the issue that I am experiencing in iOS 7 on my iPad 4.


Previously before I updated to iOS 7.0.4, I believe it is.  Well, whenever I used to go to the "Updates" section on my iPad for all of the applications that I have installed, I could open the apps from the "Updates" section.  What I mean is that if I had an app listed that required an update, I could read the description for the newest update, and also click the Update button for said app.  I can still do these two things on iOS 7.  But previously I used to be able to click on the icon for an app in my "Updates" list and I could open up that app's App Store page.  This was important to me, because I always prefer to read the latest reviews and ratings for an application before I just blindly upgrade and update it.


But, as far as I can see, I am no longer able to access an application's App Store page from the "Updates" section on my iPad anymore.  Because try as I may, I just keep clicking on the app icons and they never launch the app's App Store page like they used to do, pre-iOS 7.  Is anyone else having this same problem occur on their iPad or iPhone?  I can, of course, still back out of the "Updates" tab and go into the App Store to read an application's reviews before I update it.  But in my opinion, that is just so stupidly inefficient, and a huge step backwards from the previous operating system.  Why would they change this feature for the worse by removing the ability to do this?  Anyways, thank you in advance for any help or advice that anyone can offer me, I appreciate it very much and I am very grateful to you, thank you.

iPad 4, iOS 7.0.4