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So i downloaded mavericks this weekend and installed.

I have two user accounts

work and play

after mavericks was installed i basically had to start from scratch, all of my preferences in programs like firefox saved password or bookmarks had been lost.

I then notice that the was a third user account in my users folder, weirdly just my last name.  it contained everything i had before in the play user account.

then today i got home and switched to my play account and began restoring everything that was displaced, building user itunes back up etc.


I then had to do some work tonight, and switched over after a painful rebuild of my work user profile and it now has disappeared with all of my work.


My harddrive size is the same, nothing has been deleted but it nowhere and i mean no where to be found. and this is not a good thing for me.


So if anyone knows what might be causeing this please let me know becuase i am up the creek as of 8am tomorrow.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)