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Hello. I had no problems until upgrading to ios 7  recently.  Pretty frequently I get the notice about 10% or 20% battery  left, and I see phone is often below 5% battery even though it seems there should be more juice left.  When I plug it in for a second, the  percentage jumps up by anywhere from 10-60% up to the correct level. If I  don't plug it in, it dies until it's charged again.  And when I charge  it to reboot, it reboots at a high percent of battery.  This is a huge  inconvenience if I'm away from a charger for a few hours since the phone  won't turn back on, because it thinks it has no battery left when it actually does.

Any ideas on what to do?  The most recent software update didn't help,  and I've done the hard reset plenty of times to no success.  I've also closed all apps to try and isolate the cause of the program but have not figured it out.  I'd rather  not buy a new phone, since this one worked perfectly fine before I  upgraded the operating system.  The linked photo shows my problem clearer.  Help!



iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4