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I've been struggling with setting up my Mac mini (late 2012) server with a Striped RAID set and then restoring a Time Machine backup to the new RAID 0 volume. Here are the steps I have undertaken:


  1. Bought a 3TB Airport Time Capsule and created a full restore of my existing Time Machine backups to it.
  2. My Mac mini has dual 1TB hard drives. Pressed Command + R on bootup and entered recovery mode.
  3. Using Disk Utility, I created a Striped RAID set by adding both my 1TB drives as slices to a new RAID set and clicked on Create.
  4. After the RAID set was created, I exited Disk Utility.
  5. Clicked on Restore from Time Machine Backup.
  6. The process fails as it cannot create a Recovery Partition on a RAID set.


After much exploration, I think the problem can be resolved by attempting to Reinstall OS X on Step 5 and then attempting a Time Machine restore after the core OS is in place. Thoughts?

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Additional Information

    A Recovery partition cannot be created on RAID volumes. If your startup device is a RAID volume, you back up and reconfigure your computer to use a non-RAID boot volume. If needed, create a separate RAID volume for data which is not the target of the OS X installation. You can also create an external, bootable drive with a Recovery partition, as described above.

    See this article if the following message appears during the install process:

    • "Install Failed: OS X could not be installed on your computer. OS X can't be installed on the disk because a recovery system can't be created. Visit www.apple.com/support/no-recovery to learn more"




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    Thanks for this. I've created an external bootable flash drive using the Recovery Assistant and am able to reinstall the OS over the Internet, but am still stuck on how this can allow me to somehow restore from my Time Machine backup.


    • If I have an external bootable drive with a recovery partition, how will this allow me to restore my Time Machine backup to my RAID 0 volume?
    • How do I get access to the Mavericks installer?


    I should add that I'm attempting to do all this on my Mac mini (dual 1TB HDD).

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    After installing the OS and booting from it, you'll be prompted to transfer data from a backup, among other options. Do that.

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    For this sort of situation of wanting to make a server RAID1 I normally clone everything off the server to an external drive, setup the RAID1, then clone everything back. CarbonCopyClone is perfect for this.


    You will also need an external boot drive.

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    Same Problem for me. Followed this pretty much, but then didn't restore from time machine backup.


    Is their anyway to go back a step or do I need to re-install os x and catch the restore from backup?


    Cheers in advance.