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I am using Pages '09 version 4.3 and Numbers '09 Version 2.3.


The data list is in Numbers and I have prepared the form letter in Pages with the first line showing "Dear Name". The idea is that the "name" is picked up from the list in the numbers spreadsheet.  Everything works fine but.....when the mail merged document is produced I found the following strange behaviour.  Any name in the Numbers Spreadsheet which contains more than 14 characters (including spaces) causes the resultant merged document to spread the whole "Dear Fred" or whatever - over two lines. It spaces out the letters which cause them to run into the next line - which of course wrecks the entire merge as that particular page now runs onto two pages instead of one.


As long as the "Name" is less than 14 characters there's no problem.  Even typing the name over one that has been merged correctly goes awol after the 14th character.


So, is there a limit to the number of characters that you can have in a field and can this be amended?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), Using external Cinema Display
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    Consider yourself lucky to still have Mail Merge at all. It's missing from the new version of iWork apps.


    No, there's no character limit if you know how to deal with large strings, and those problems don't begin until you have 255 characters or more. Your problem with medium length strings is likely to be in the Pages document.


    What happens if you just type over the link with 15 characters or more?



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    Jerry, don't say you haven't iWork 09 anymore? I don't believe you!

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    Hi Jerry,


    Yeah I know I'm lucky in that I still have mail merge.  I'm resisting using Microsoft Office but I tell you - it's getting more attractive by the minute !


    Sadly, simply typing over the field produces the same result.  Every time I exceed the 14 characters the spacing suddently leaps and the entry goes over two lines - like I said - ruining the whole mail merge document.


    I'll keep working at it.  I've found a work around but it's definitely not a solution and not something that you want to use regularly so forgive me but I'm not even going to descibe it here!

    Thanks again