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I took a membership on iTunes match from the day it was available in Belgium. I have lot's of music and I also you my music on gigs because I'm a DJ.

Since all my music is separated in 35 different playlists I wanted to use iTunes Match so I could also listen to my music on my other apple devices.

The thing is I sometimes have the same track in 3 or even more playlists, which I want. For example a Festival House track will be placed in playlist HOUSE, but also NEW (if it's a new track) and FESTIVAL TRACKS.


The problem was that after uploading all of my music in iTunes match, it had deleted some of the tracks in the playlists. I knew this since I wrote down the number of tracks in each playlist, because every track is important so can not be suddenly gone... I've been working for years on this collection.


Another this that happened is that if I retry and upload my tracks, it duplicates playlist and names it like HOUSE, HOUSE1, HOUSE2, HOUSE3, ...

For example, if I wanted to change the name of the playlist HOUSE to EDM HOUSE, I will have these playlists:



I messes up my whole organization in iTunes. Can't I like delete all the iTunes Match data and retry from zero?


It's not right that I have to first copy my iTunes Music Library File on my desktop, then Retry iTunes Match, and if (like always) it's not looking good, Replace my old iTunes Music Library File after switching off iTunes Match again...


Some help please...

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 7.0.4