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I am interested in signing up for iTunes Match, however, most of my music has been imported from CD's over the years (sometimes mixed or burned by friends) and I have a great deal of music which is not thoroughly and accurately marked. I have been trying to go through and manually input all the correct information, but with thousands of songs it is cumbersome. How much information does iTunes Match need to find the song in the cloud? Most of my music is pretty mainstream, it's just not marked. And I'd rather not spend hours meticulously labeling songs if iTunes Match doesn't need all the info. Any input on this would be very helpful, thanks!

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    iTunes Match uses the sound footprint of the track to be matched or uploaded. So it is not essential that you have complete metadata info. If the music has been sourced from commercial discs, you are likely to get a match if it is in iTunes. One thing match will not do is update any missing metadata.


    There are apps available that can help complete missing data. I have no personal experience of such apps - maybe someone else can point you in the right direction.