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I hope someone here can help.


I have upgraded the video card in my 2008 Mac Pro Xeon 2.8 Ghz machine, and the installation was fine. However I have 3 major problems:


1. I can only get 2 monitors to display


2. Video is very choppy - not nearly as smooth as the previous graphics card.


3. I can't move windows completely onto the 2nd monitor.





1. I have DVI dual-link connected to my DELL monitor 27 inch, mini display port to VGA to an old monitor I use for a second monitor in my equipment rack (I se it to keep an eye on my virtual mixer) and a minidisplayport to HMDI to go to my television, to play back video of projects I am working on.


I can't connect the 2 mini display ports without losing the DVI.


2. The video is really choppy - moving windows around is not at al smooth and everything seems a bit laggy. Obsiouyl no such issue before the upgrade.


3. I have the 2nd monitor on the equipment rack where I can see the levels of the various audio I have got going around. That's it's prime function, but I can't move the mixer window all the way over to the second monitor - the edge gets stuck on the main screen. No such issues before.


Does anyone know anything that might help me out of this?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 14Gb RAM, Konnekt 48