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I have used Aperture 3 with Lion and Mountain Lion on a late 2011 MBPro , processing large (45MB) raw files over the last 2 years. When doing multiple edits especialy with multiple masks and brushes Aperture would take moments to process and then move on. This even with an SSD and 16GB memory. Not a problem with little effect on my productivity, processing hundreds of images in a session.


Following Mavericks and Aperture 3.5, Aperture no longer allows more than a handful of images to be processed before it exhibits strange display problems. These comprize of the unzoomed view becoming the zoomed view and this is visible in the preview thumbnail too. It happens most quickly in full screen mode but also less quickly in windowed mode. Simple exiting Aperture and reopening it restores normal functio and edits and previews are correct. A memory meter shows that Aperture decrements memory with every image viewed and doesn't release it, hence i think a memory leak.


I had hoped that the Aperture 3.5.1 update addressing performance issues would solve this. It didn't. I have a crucial SSD self fitted which has worked flawlessly over the last year and have updated Trim enabler after Mavericks which slowed down the leak.


I can't seem to contact Apple support by email as I am not an Applecare subscriber and can't find a way to report a fault without being one.

I have read that there were memory leaks in Aperture 3 years ago and these went away quietly as Apple updated either

OSX or Aperture.


I've not seen others report what I am experiencing, but would welcome feedback from others with knowledge, experience or just bothered by the same problem.




Aperture 3, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I've no idea what the problem is but since updating to 10.9 I'm also having problems with memory and Aperture. Before I was using 8gb ram and Aperture would run me into the red and start showing weird images after using some plugins (Nik S Efx}. Just purchased 16gb and still the same, my work around is to work on an image or two then reboot, but its slowly getting to p##s me off. I must say that my imac is worse now than it was running Lion.

    Sorry that I can't help but would love to know the answer............

  • Rich1955 Level 1 (0 points)

    Useful to know i'm not the only one so thanks for replying.

    Would be helpful for Apple to acknowledge the problem and fix it.

    Hopefully someone will have a temporary fix more useful than quitting and restarting Aperture.

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    Since installing Mavericks I, too, habitually run out of memory when running Aperture.  I have a late 2012 iMac with 24Gb of memory.   Today I was sorting through a few hunderd photos on a recent shoot and Activity Monitor showed yellow memory pressure and 250Mb of swap.   This is NOT normal.      What's more, Nik plug-ins now require that I quit Aperture and reopen on EACH edit.    Everything was flawless before Mavericks.   Does anyone know what's going on?  

  • Louis C. Oberländer Level 1 (5 points)

    Yup, same problems here. And a few others since Mavericks.


    SSD drive (more than 40% free space), referenced library. All on SSD, plenty of RAM (32gb), lastest macpro. Tried moving everything to traditional drives, still same issue...also tried with a new user account. Same thing.


    Some of the problems:


    - Aperture spinning wheel, freezes.


    - Sometimes on quitting it won't quit (and the 'quit aperture' menu becomes greed out.


    - display issues, like you described


    - editing with brushes has an insane lag for a photo app. It's like driving with the emergency brake on compared to photoshop


    If I peak into the console I see a lot of icloud errors and window server entries when err something goes wrong in Aperture.


    I'll tell you exactly what my guess is:


    It's what always happens when new hardware is around the corner: the developers have been developing the latest version of the software on the new machines and don't pay too much attention on performance on older ones. It's apple's way to make sure to get the new mac pros ones they are out there :-))


    I wish there was a solution to this. It's become a little tedious really.

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    2011 MBP with 16GB of RAM.


    Since upgrading to Mavericks and APerture 3.5.1 Aperture is practically unusable.  Its slow and buggy and thats putting it mildly,


    I'll be editing an image then all of a sudden it'll jump to a totally random (unrelated) image, sometimes its even flipped it upside down other times it'll have the crop box around it or something to that effect.


    Its useless at the moment.

  • William Lloyd Level 7 (21,040 points)

    I've seen a couple other threads that seem to indicate that "onscreen proofing" can drastically increase memory use in Aperture.  Can you check to see whether you have this set, and if so turn it off and see if that helps?


    I've had no problems whatsoever with Aperture 3.5.x and OS X Mavericks so it's not a problem that happens to everybody, hence it's worth trying to see what's different among folks.

  • Rich1955 Level 1 (0 points)


    you might be right, though I hope not as I have a very fast MBPRo with plenty of storage space left and don't want to upgrade. I have at last had a response from Apple by email with instructions on how to send a videolog and system report, so they may be taking this seriously.

    One interesting thing is that my Macbook Air with Mavericks and Aperture does not produce the same problems, but just slows down when it is paging out memory. So could well be a problem with Mavericks and third party SSD's and Trim.

    Thanks for your info,


  • Rich1955 Level 1 (0 points)


    thanks. This has been reported by some and Apple also advise switching off proofing. It is already off for me and not related. I too am not experiencing a similar problem with a Macbook Air and Aperture, but that doesn't solve my MBP problem.


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    Recently upgraded from SnowLeadpord to Mavericks and therefore needed to upgrade Aperture 3 to 3.5 and that is when the problems started. I have a late 2009 iMac 27" with 4GB memory. Aperture constantly locks, whirling color wheel and computer freezes requiring reboot. This is extremely disappointing and frustrating. I would never have updated my system had I suspected there was this much issues with the new system and software. What is Apple doing?


    I do not have proofing on so that is not the cause.


    Although 3.99GB of my 4GB memory is used, there is no apparent Swap issue, memory pressure issue or distnoted issues.


    I have tried only running Aperture but that also does not resolve the issue.


    Does anyone have any suggestions how to improve this situation?


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    Same problems with Aperture 3.5.1 and Mavericks (iMac 27" late 2013, 32GB Memory)

    For ex., when I use brushes to "clean" some pictures, Aperture is running properly only with the first pictures, but...after a few minutes, it slow down and the problems start,  computer freezes requiring reboot.

    I haven't those problems with my old iMac 20" or my MBP.

    Disappointing !

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    Thanks for starting this thread Rich1955.  I was starting to think I needed to buy a new computer for my wife, but it appears this is not the case.  I have never really liked using Aperture 3.5, because it was the first version I purchased.  Apple needs to get focused on this.  Anyone want to start making this more visible?  Many of us are experiencing these issues.  Here is my story.


    I recently installed Aperture 3.5.1 on my 27-inch iMac, Late 2009, i7 with 16GB of RAM.  I expected it to run a bit slow on my wife's 21.5-inch iMac, Mid 2010, i3 with 8GB of RAM, but i am seeing the same behavior on both machines.  RAM is not the issue as far as Activity Monitor reports, but I think a RAM boost on my wife's box might help a little bit.  Aperature is just plain slow on both machines. Viewing photos is slow.  Browsing photos is slow.  I have not been able to teaching myself much of anything about it's more powerful features because I give up on it.  I wonder if my library size may be contributing, but splitting the library up would be a headache for us.

  • Rich1955 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Sam?

    You may be experiencing two problems. One being that you it looks like you may be not letting Aperture make previews on importing. This speeds up the use of Aperture a lot. Otherwise it makes a preview whenever you move to anothe image it hasn't seen before and this will be noticeable.

    You also may have the same problem I have, though this doesn't slow down Aperture until the problem occurrs and then it can produce a variety of problems such as locking the preview as a zoomed crop, blacking out the image when using some brushes, showing the actual mask when using edge sharpen and other graphic errors.

    They all go away on closing and restarting Aperture without loss. They all occurr when available ram drops below a variable level and they all occurr much more quickly when file sizes are large (large NEFs) or photoshop elements is open. In my case they are unrelated to on screen profiling which I have as OFF anyway.

    I am in correspondence with Apple and will keep this forum updated.



  • Rich1955 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sounds like same problem. Have you fsent feedback to Apple via the Aperture menu drop down "Provide Aperture feedback" ?

  • ChrissBelgium Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I sent all my feedback to Apple !

    Screen  profiling is OFF

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