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I'm running ML 10.8.5/OS X Server 2.2.2 on a 2010 Mac Mini.  Today I went to create two new local network groups (call them group1 and group2) using Server and I noticed the GID numbering started over at 50001, thus duplicating Workgroup and the second group I've been using for quite some time.  When I went to delete group2 in Workgroup Manager, it complained I did have permission to perform the action, but appears to have completed it any way.  I then changed the GID for group1 (using Workgroup Manager) but that left a messed up ACE for the group folder.  So, I deleted most of entries in the ACL and added back an entry for group1 (confirmed in Workgroup Manager as GID 50005) in the ACL, however, it still showed as group of Workgroup using "ls -le" but group1 as the name when viewing the folder through Finder cmd-I. 


There seems to be enough weirdness that I'm going to delete the group and shared folder, run a file permission check on the volume (external drive), and then recreate the group, confirm the GID is unique, and then create the share.


My questions are:


1) Has anyone experienced this behavior?

2) Is it indicative of other bigger issues?


Thank you.



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    Don't use Workgroup Manager.


    OS X Server: Workgroup Manager not included

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    Thanks, Linc--


    Unfortunately, things went downhill fast.  When I started to poke around the boot RAID, I found it had come apart again (even after replacing a failing drive about a month ago).  I guess I had used up my 9 lives, because the rebuild failed and I have a paperweight now. 


    I'm heading out on vacation, but will be spending my Thanksgiving Day rebuilding the server and getting as much data from the postgresql databases or back ups as I can.  All the regular user data is on another volume so that is safe, although mapping uids will probably be a pain.  I think my OD backup may be fresh enough if I can get it out of Time Machine. 


    I was thinking about Profile Manager before I saw your post, and was thinking I should make that the central point of my system administration for users/groups/devices.  I need to search for a primer.  I really wasn't using Workgroup Manager much, mostly would bring it up because Server doesn't really provide much useful info.


    I may even go ahead and leap to Mavericks/Server 3 since I'm not sure I have anything to lose at this juncture.


    Sigh...I'm really losing my patience with OS X/Server.  Although I've had this particular set up running for a little over a years, it has not been without issues.  This may be the last round before I abandoned it altogether.


    Cheers, Tim