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hi just bought an imac and did my backup with the time machine, it ask me to update lions so i did it cause i dont understand why maverick was not installed automaticly, any way it restart and ask me my password but it doesnt work and ask me again and again

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,223 points)

    Unfortunately you post makes litttle sense. Please click the Apple symbol in the upper left of your display and then click About This Mac. Tell us what version of OS X your machine is running. If you bought the machine today there is NO way it is running Lion, however it is possible it is running Mountain Lion. Please make that clear when you post back.

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    thanks it running montain lion and i just download maverick now, but i was supprise not to see already maverick running on my new imac

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    I see, well sometimes when a new version of OS X is released there is stock of hardware still on the shelves, you probably simply got a machine that was manufactured before Mavericks was released. Glad you got upgraded, let us know if you have problems.