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I have a 5th Gen iPod touch, which is no longer connecting to my home wifi. When I try to connect I enter the password and it accepts it but only a loading circle appears. The loading circle does not go away and I cannot connect to the interent or use any wifi related apps or proccesses on my iPod. The home hub I am using is seperated from the 'choose a network' part and it says on the front screen of the settings thename of the home hub I am trying to connect to. It was connected to the same wifi yesterday and nothing has changed since then.I have been able to connect to other wifi networks it is just this connection so far. There is no error message that appears just the constant loading circle going round.

I have already tried to reset my iPod fully, reset the network settings, off and on again, reset the home hub, unplugges the homehub for about 5 minutes and then reconnected it. All other devices connected to the same home hub are working apart from my iPod. I am not very literate with computer language.

I don't know what to do. Please may someone point me in the right direction.

iPod touch (5th generation), iOS 7.0.4