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Picked up the new iphone 5s ios 7.0.4 yesterday and was told by the phone salesman, I could restore my old iphone 4s ios 6.1.4. So like an idiot I erased all the data off the iphone 4s right there in the store and walked home to receive this message when I try to restore "Could not restore the iphone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iphone that is being restored.". Today I went back to store and got the iphone 4s back for a week to try and restore the backup and received the same message. Called apple and the technician said he had never heard of that happening. ? Backups have always completed so I never assumed there would be an error retrieving the data.


I got two empty iphones and backup file. Any thoughts?





iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4