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I bought three new (but very classic) CDs.  I want to load into itunes and then to my iphone.   First went great.   The next two pop in, I hear sounds of whirring, then they pop out.   NOTHING?   What am I doing wrong?


iMac, iOS 7.0.1, may be ITUNES issue and not IMAC...
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    Hi raydr98,


    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.  If CDs aren't importing into iTunes as expected, here are some steps you can try:


    iTunes 11 for Windows: Import songs from CDs



    I have bolded specific steps I would try:

    If you have trouble importing songs from an audio CD

    If iTunes doesn’t recognize audio CDs or if you’re having trouble importing songs, check the following:

    • If iTunes doesn’t recognize an audio CD (it doesn’t appear in the iTunes window), quit iTunes, then open it again by double-clicking the app icon in the iTunes folder in the Program Files folder on your hard disk. Do not open iTunes using the shortcut on your desktop. If iTunes now recognizes the CD, delete the iTunes shortcut and create a new one.
    • Choose Edit > Preferences, and click Import Settings. If the “Use error correction when reading Audio CDs” checkbox is not selected, select it. If it’s already selected, deselect it.
    • If you’re having trouble importing songs, make sure you check your computer or drive manufacturer’s site for firmware updates and install any that are appropriate for your computer and CD or DVD drive.
    • Make sure you have the latest software updates for Windows or your CD or DVD drive. Check the Windows website and your computer or drive manufacturer’s site for updates. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for your video and sound cards.
    • If you have more than one CD or DVD drive, try using iTunes with each drive.
    • To see if iTunes can find any problems with your CD drive, choose Help > Run CD Diagnostics and choose DVD/CD Diagnostics. For help with understanding the diagnostics results and other CD troubleshooting information, see Additional troubleshooting tips for burning issues at the Apple Support website.
    • If it’s taking a long time to import a song (more than 10 minutes) from an audio CD, the CD may be dirty or scratched. Try cleaning the CD with a soft, lint-free cloth, and then importing the songs again.


    Additionally, if you have access to a second computer you might try the affected CDs in it to rule out the CDs as the issue.



    - Ari