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Aperture 3.4.5, OS 10.9.  When making a PDF prior to ordering a book, I note that images look fine within Aperture book module, but about 10 out of 100 images look terrible in the PDF.  Shall I ignore this and go ahead and order the book?

Mac Pro, Mac OS 9.0.x, Aperture 3.4.5
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    but about 10 out of 100 images look terrible in the PDF

    No, don't order the book, if you do not like the pdf. Have you created the pdf from the book preview or with "print o pdf"? Yourbook will look like the official preview:


    iPhoto, Aperture: Previewing an order in iPhoto or Aperture


    Perhaps the color calibation of your display needs adjusting. Or have you set "Onscreen Proofing" with a custom Color profile in  Aperture?

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    I have tried File>Print Book from the Aperture File menu, and both the Print… and Buy Book… buttons from the upper right.  All are the same.


    Perhaps the color calibation of your display needs adjusting. Or have you set "Onscreen Proofing" with a custom Color profile in  Aperture?

    It cannot be the display, because the same page contains both perfect and bad images.  Her is a screen shot:Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.58.01 AM.png

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    Were all images taken with the same camera and same settings? The same adjustments used? Like raw fine tuning, enhance, recovery, etc?


    That is really weird!

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    Have you checked the photo boxes in your book, if there are filters set on the boxes?


    A "Wash" filter, for example? Which book theme are you using?


    Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 15.27.24GMT+1.png

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    Different cameras, different settings.  Some imported as RAW, some as JPG.  In the screen shot above, three were tsken with a 7D and bottom right with Canon XT.  Here is the same page, from a screen shot in Aperture, where the left two become washed out when converting to PDF preview.  Using "Journal" theme.  No filters were applied.Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 6.33.07 AM.png

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    this sounds like what happend to me today...same thing..different cameras....etc....some photos "washed "out...


    did you get an answer?




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    I never found out why it happened.  I had to discard the edited version and re-edit the master--then the image looked fine.  It was as if only some of the adjustments showed in the preview and not the original to which they were applied.  Good luck.


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    Strangely I'm now having exactly the same problem all of a sudden.  I've been building the book for about a month now (I've made about 6 before without any trouble) and along the way have been producing a pdf of the book to see how it will look.  Yesterday I noticed some of the images seemed to have lost colour when looking at the pdf version and then today, many pictures all of a sudden look exactly like the example you've supplied above. 


    I've tried shutting down my imac and restarting thinking it was a memory issue, have checked if I had any filters activated (which I don't and I haven't used filters in books before either), have tried repairing then rebuilding aperture, copying the book to a new library, new location, opening on a different mac and then printing again but none of this had any positive effect. 


    So from what I understand from your last post, the workaround you came up with was to revert to the original of each image that had the problem and then make the adjustments again? 

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    Exactly.  Just go to the original of the images that wash out in the pdf and re-edit the original, then replace the washed out version with the re-edited one in the book layout.  I think that something went wrong in the generation of the previews used within Aperture.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.  This sort of problem reminds me why I moved over to Lightroom about 2 years ago....