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My cursor disappears after watching Hulu or HBOGO videos.  The cursor is on the screen, screen components react to its passage, but you can not see an icon.  The effect mainly takes place after watching an online video.  Then trying to switch around the screen to other windows.  The cursor icon goes away, but returns once I click the mouse on the desktop background.  It is very annoying, having to move the mouse to a clear part of the desktop background to click the mouse to get the icon back.  It's almost as if the mouse icon goes to sleep by itself.  I wonder if apple put some code into their OS to help users to have the mouse icon shutoff during play of video, but didn't anticipate that users would do other things on the desktop even while the video was on the screen.  It is not even a setting that you can manually control to always keep the icon active.  I do appreciate when the icon goes to sleep while I watch a full screen video, otherwise it would always be that annoying object during a movie replay.  I would think however that when the user moves the mouse this sleep action would wake up, but it doesn't seem to realize the user needs the mouse until they click the mouse button. And the mouse icon doesn't return clicking on an app, only when you click on the desktop background. 


Another quirk, I had my find text little window up searching for mouse on the page I was navigated to and noticed a strange find on some of the support pages in the forum.  On many of the forum pages the text finder will find 10 occurences of mouse and 8 occurences of cursor even when those words do not appear in the visible text of the webpage.  No explanation.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)