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Hi in MainStage 3, when I change patch while holding chord on an external MIDI instrument, those notes are left hanging. No note-off messages are sent. I'm used to doing this from when I was using The Grand 2, now have to use external MIDI piano cause don't like mainstage pianos. Very easy to change patch and leave notes hanging. Would have to turn keyboard off and on to clear them cause Panic doesn't work to send note offs. Any ideas to use external MIDI instrs safely?


thanks Adam

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    One way to prevent stuck notes to the external instrument is to send a MIDI file with an all notes off command(#123) along with the program change to the external instrument. You'll need to create the MIDI file in Logic or whatever sequencer program you use and export as a MIDI file. In the channel strip inspector, select MIDI output. When you check the snd MIDI file box you can press "select" and import the MIDI file(the file in the snapshot is titled "All Notes Off").



    External instrument channel inspector.png

    This way works consistently for me. I haven't found another way yet. Once you create the MIDI file you can use on every file that sends to external instruments.

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    Hi lifenoise


    That's a really good idea. cheers


    Originally the channel was an external MIDI channel but for some reason now the MIDI output isn't showing up. Could just recreate but would lose a whole load of alias channels in various patches. How can I make the MIDI output box reappear on that channel?


    thanks Adam

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    Aliases for external instruments don't work for me. The alias doesn't send program change or MIDI file info. If I make an alias of a patch that has an external instrument channel strip I always make a direct copy of it in the new patch.

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    yes I suppose there's no real reason to use aliases on a MIDI not audio channel. I'll just copy it.


    MIDI file works great

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    Hey Lifenoise, thanks for your help.  I am having trouble making a note off midi file (using ableton).  Can you give a brief description?  Thanks!