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So have you ever double clicked your home key to turn off apps or switch to another one running in the background?  The small screengrab shows the app, and most of the time its the last thing on your screen. Sometimes, for example, in my email app, the screen grab is of an email deleted and purged from weeks or months back. When the app is touched and opened, that old screen shot goes away and the last most relevant info is showed.


This concerns me. Sometimes, that old email, or message has confidential information and it is readable. It isn't even in my ipad anymore, but is showing like that.


Any info would be nice.

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.4
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    Check Settings > General > Background app refresh is turned to ON - does this apply?

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    That setting is turned to on but that is not the issue. My issue is completely different.


    For example, you get an email, read it, delete it, purge your trash file.  Three weeks later you double click home key to see what apps are running in the background and notice your email app or message app is open. There in that small screen grab is that deleted email, or message conversation that is no longer even on your ipad....complete and readable even though its a smaller image.


    Then you tap that app to open it, the screen refreshes and that old deleted non existent email, message thread etc vanishes and the actual updated info shows as it should.


    Where is the ipad storing that information to use as a display of background running apps?

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    I understand what you are saying and I have no idea why you would be seeing an email that is that old and that has already been deleted. I will see the most recent email that I was reading when I do what you are describing - not some email from weeks ago that I have already deleted.


    Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you can try to eliminate this. I don't think this has anything to do with the background refresh setting either. That should keep the apps current in content, not loading old data or information.


    Have you tried any basic stuff like closing mail completely and resetting the iPad? ...or Resetting all settings?

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    It is intermittent, so not everytime...which is what boggles me most. I have updated software on the devise and itunes and synced to make sure both were eye to eye so to speak. I have power cycled, and power/home key to reset that way.

    Honestly been lazy about restoring as new, due to my flight apps take so dang long to reload. I may have to bight the bullet and just geter done and see how it goes then.

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    This is really quite odd.


    I would like to think that restoring to factory settings and then restoring from a backup would cure the issue, but if there is something wonky in the backup, that might not help either. Maybe restoring s new without the backup would fix it, but that's a PITA to do as well.

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    I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution?