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When I have multiple tabs open on Safari and I switch from one tab to another, the tab that I'm switching to will reload, causing me to lose the spot I was at on the page. This is especially frustrating when I'm in the process of writing something on one tab then need to use another tab to search for a reference in regards to what I am writing on the previous tab and when I go back to the original tab, everything I had written is gone so I've had to select and copy what I can so I don't always lose all my work (in fact this happened twice while writing this post and I lost all text) but still always lose some of it since I can only save text from one section of a page, for example, I cannot save the title and the body of my post when creating a new thread.


This is also very annoying when I'm trying to read news articles and I keep having to start at the beginning of the page and always have to scroll through the article to get back to where I was...


This is basically making the whole browsing experience very unpleasant. Is there a fix for this? Please do help me if you know of one.

iPad Air Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.4
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    yep...me too.  Both safari and chrome seem to be doing this.  I just lost a long post I'd typed up in another thread.  I think it has something to do with the increased memory needed to run on 64bit and only having 1gb of ram. My guess is iOS7 isn't optimised yet either for the A7 cpu.  Hopefully this will be fixed by an update.  The discreet amd gpu in my late 2011 mbp 17in however is a completely other story.  Hopefully apple will fix that issue as well.

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    This is one of many problems I have had with Safari ever since iOS 7 came out, first on my old iPad 2 and now continuing on my new iPad Air.  Other major issues that seem related: (1) Safari constantly crashing; multiple times per day on me no matter what.  (2) Similar "refreshing" if you multitask to other apps and then return to Safari; you will find yourself logged out of any sites that you were logged into in Safari and have to start over.


    There appears to be no fix or workaround for this within iOS 7. Believe me, I have tried everything. It is a major bug in iOS 7 that only another Apple update (if anything) is going to fix.

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    Have the same issue on my iPad Air. Hopefully there will be a fix coming to address this as it is extremely annoying....

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    I have the ipad air, please fix this because it's extremely frustrating. Same behavior with the chrome app...

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    Yes me too, the auto page refresh on iOS 7 Safari is really annoying, I've lost count of the times I've been composing a forum post or email and I've lost the text because I had to switch tabs. Apple please fix this, it's infuriating.

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    And this is funny, because apple introduced and fixed this bug before. (Can't remember the exact ios version)


    In my opinion it's plain stupid to introduce this refresh issue again. Safari is rather crashhappy too. If i want  unpredictable software, i would have bought an ms tablet. Apple is loosing their perfect touch, and they tend to get more sloppy..

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    If you install mercury; it will switch tabs without a fuzz..

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    on ios 7.1 beta 3 problem has become less annoying. tabs are loaded much less than 7.0.4

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    Tested on iPhone 5 & iPad Air

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    Apple is getting worse and worse. I have the same problem with my iPad retina and I had the same problem with iPad 3 but not with iPad 2. Before to buy the iPad Air I checked in a store if they fixed this annoying problem but I saw they didn't, so I decided not to buy it anymore and actually I want to sell my iPad retina because the auto refresh is very annoying, I cannot use it to work! Apple is good for children to play but not to work. Next time I will buy a cheap chinese android tablet. Also the operating system is much worse than iOS6. Instead to lose their time (the engineers) for this dusguted transparent design that makes me nausea, they could work to fix all the problems the iPad has. It seems they worked hard to make a worse operating system, look at the task bar for example; Earlier there were the url task bar and google's task bar, now they put them together....it's ridiculous!!! If I want to go back to the google page I have to write everything from the beginnig, instead earlier it was sufficient going to the google's task bar and the last research would appeared.