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RapidWeaver project FILES are called: name.rwsw.


Double-clicking on this FILE is supposed to open up RapidWeaver and display the contents.


SUDDENLY for NO REASON, OSX decided WITHOUT MY CONSENT that the project file anyname.rwsw is a FOLDER, and now every time I click on it, it opens up in FINDER, rather than recognizing it as--what it is--a project file!?  The funny thing is that within the project file is a text file explaining:


"This is a RapidWeaver Sandwich (.rwsw) file, which is designed to be a "bundle"

(directory) on Mac OS X.  If you are reading this, it's assumed that you're

somewhat curious about the innards of how RapidWeaver stores its data.  Feel

free to do this: the RapidWeaver file format is designed to be open and

hackable, and we welcome tools that can read our file format!  Here's what you

need to know about the RapidWeaver file format to play with it... "


What the ***!?  I did not open the folder, I opened the PROJECT FILE!;  to see contents rather than open the program associated, you should have to click "Show Package Contents", but in MY OSX Mavericks, you don't have to, in fact, you cannot, since it is ALREADY A FOLDER!?


Nobody can explain to me why this happens -- I have tried asking Apple Software Engineers multiple times, but they do not know why it happened OR how to fix it.  So much for your so-called education!  I have also asked the developers of the program why this may occur, but they referred me to Apple since it is Apple's OS which is MODIFYING ITSELF.


Please, if there is anyone who can help me rectify this most annoying GLITCH with OSX (which appeared and has not been fixed since 'LION' OSX) I would be really grateful.

Mac OS X (10.6.3), 4G RAM, 2TB HD, AirPort Express