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In Safari 7.0, the font size on the "Edit Bookmarks" is very small.  The font size cannot be adjusted as on most web pages by clicking the font size icon in the toolbar on the top of the browser. Is the a feature or a bug?  Can I change the font size on this bookmark edit page.  The new bookmark sidebar is not particularly easy to read either with its white on grey text.  Anyway to adjust that?  And while I'm at it, is there a way to have the bookmarks from a particular folder appear in the main window (as in the Edit Bookmarks page?  With a large number of bookmarks, the utility of the sidebar is nearly useless, and I can barely read the bookmarks in the edit page.  Overall, the ergonomics of the new bookmarks management with is, imho, pretty crummy.  I am sufficiently old enough curmudgeon to say the old Safari bookmark managmement was better.


Please don't tell me that I need new glasses; I know that already.  Why do you think I am complaining about small fonts? Even this page lets me make things ridiculously large. -j

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    Unfortunately, the font size cannot be modified in Safari but there are some alternatives.



    1.  Try a different display resolution. Open System Preferences > Displays > Display > Scaled


    2.  Try Zoom in System Preferences > Accessibility