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Since the Mavericks upgrade, I've lost all historical GMail emails, all nicely organised in folders for myself, an an account I had set up for my son. This account contained historical emails from people throughout his life from when he wa a baby, with videos and links that I was planning on showing him when he was older, an 'archive' of his life so to speak.


All gone. Wiped out. Apple didn't warn us about this so assume it wasn't tested. Absolutey disgraceful. No trace on GMail at al so deleted at source, and now irretrievable. Well thank you Apple you useless bunch of tossers.


Many other threads on these forums indicating the same problem.


So Mavericks obviously a great name as in 'unpredictable, untested and untrustworthy' .... fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, MacBook Pro going on eBay ... along with iPhones, iPads and everything else .... this ain't what i signed up for  ...