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I bought the 16 GB iPhone 5S a few weeks ago, and up until now it's been working fine. However, last night, I went into settings/ software update and had it install the 7.0.4 update. I then plugged it in for the night. When I checked on it, it was completely dark. I pressed the home button and nothing happened. I tried the power button, holding the power button, holding the home button, holding both at the same time, holding the power button as I plugged it in to my computer, nothing. No sign of power at all. When I did plug it into my computer, iTunes opened up but didn't recognize it as mine. It said "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes." Now, it looks like my only option is to do a factory restore which, it warns, will delete all of my data. I checked and I don't have any backups to use after this. Is there anything I can do besides a factory restore? I just want my phone to turn on...


Thanks in advance for all help,