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I would like to know if the following problem in the macbook air webcam is statorisolto as I would like to buy me one soon , so let me know if you think it is appropriate to wait or the problem has already been solved.



p.s. I do not have sources about the problem on the new system mavericks , can you tell me if there is still or not? thanks in advance.

Obviously I intend to buy a new Mac.


The holders of the new models of Macbook Air, immediately after installing the operating system upgrade OS X 10.8.5 Lion Mountain , they found some compatibility issues with the built-in iSight webcam and the programs installed on your computer .



Curiously , these problems occur only with 32-bit native applications , such as Skype , iMovie, Google Hangout , Final Cut Pro and QuickTime Player.



The serious fact is that you treat without a doubt the most used by users of the app , but the good news is that the engineers at Apple are aware of the existence of this bug , and we expect within a few weeks the release of a " fix" about .



According to the view of most experts, the software defect would be linked to the new module 64bit OS X application that fails to properly handle the camera serial Macbook Air with programs written for 32-bit .



The quickest and easiest solution , suggested by the house of Cupertino, is to connect the notebook via USB cable an external webcam , waiting for the situation to improve . The third-party webcam in fact work perfectly.

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