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I have been synching my Exchange Tasks with my iPhone 4s since I got it around May of 2012.  I've always noticed that if I use any special formatting (basically anything other than plain text, returns, and spaces) that it gets lost when I edit it in the iPhone.  So for the most part I've lived with that limitation and just refrained from editing any formatting sensitive tasks on the iPhone.


That worked Ok for me until iOS 7.  With all versions of iOS 7 I'm finding that tasks that I don't even open on the phone are being edited and the formatting is lost or changed.  Specifically, links are turned into plain text, multiple hyphens alone on a line are turned into a vertical line, tabs are turned into 5 spaces, and even some text is formatted to be blue and much larger.


I tried disabling task synching and the problem went away.  I re-enabled it because I need task reminders to show up on my phone and the problem came back.


Is this a known issue?  Does anyone else have this problem?