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I have removed all of the email accounts on the macbook air.  When I search for a term in spotlight it pulls up emails that should have been deleted.  I can look at the content of these emails.  I want to find a way to have that not happen.  The issue is that this laptop is shared in the company by several people and certain emails are confidential or fall under non discloure agreements with other companies.  I understand that you can have spotlight not search this by deselecting it in preferences but that is not what I need.  I need to ensure that spotlight doesn't find that information because it's not there anymore.  Not that I've just hidden it from Spotlight.  Restoring is not a good option as there is shared data on the laptop.  Any ideas?

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2011), iOS 7.0.4
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    I've never tried this, but re-indexing your volume in Spotlight might do the trick.


    It's a simple procedure, but might take a while.  It's described here:


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    I re indexed the volume in spotlight and everything was re indexed, except the old mail that was previously deleted.  I have an appointment at the Apple Store on Saturday.  I'll see what they can do.  Looks like a problem many people have with no resolution. 




    - Mike S

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    I wonder if they solved the problem at the Apple Store.  If so, what did they do?

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    Yes.  The mystery is solved.   It turns out that there are some hidden files/folders.  What he did was go to the menu choice GO from finder.  Then hold down the option key.  There you will see the hidden directory "Library".  If you open that you will see "Mail".  There you will see a the folder V2.  He deleted everything in that folder.  You have to be sure that you don't have any other email accounts running that you want to keep.  If you do you need to not delete those folders. 


    After he did that, I rebooted and ran a spotlight search for old emails that I remember.  They were gone.  So finally a solution to a nagging problem.  Hope it helps someone else.


    - Mike S

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    The emails you deleted and now you can view are probably backed up with the Time Machine Local Snapshot system. To get rid of them turn time Machine off in System Preferences and back on it you like.


    I will also say, and be chastised for it, you can turn off the local snapshot system so this doesn't happen again. Post back if you want the terminal command to turn it off.