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I today bought a Apple TV 3, and now I wanna use the "Remote" App on my iPhone or iPad...


The Problem is:

I still use iOS6 and don't wanna update to iOS7 (because I hate this ugly new "Design")...


Now I have tried to download the "Remote" App on App Store,

but there comes up a message "You need iOS7"...


Where I can download the old version 3.0.1 for iOS6?


Can someone help me?


best regards

Christian :-)

Apple TV, iOS 6.1.4
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    I'm in exactly the same boat.  Iphone4 doesn't handle IOS7 very well I'd rather stay with ios6 for a while, but now I can't get the Remote app that works on IOS6.  Apple you are so lame!

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    Good news!

    I finally found the solution!


    Open iTunes on Mac/PC and sign in to the Apple-Store with your Apple-ID/Password...

    Now search in iTunes under "Apps" for the Remote-App and download it (it downloads it to the HDD)...


    Now you can also download the App in App-Store on your iPhone/iPad and it will ask if you would like to download the last compatible Version! :-)

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    Just saw this post and became a little bit happy, thinking I could do the same but not...

    Seems like they have taken this option away, atleast in the new version of Itunes that I have..

    Do you have the file on your computer so yau can email it to me?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi :-)

    The Problem is, if I send you the file, it doesnt work! Because the App is signed to my Apple-ID...


    But I again have tried it with another App and it works!!!


    Sign in on iTunes and search the App in iTunes and Download the latest ios7 Version to hdd!

    Then go to App Store in iPhone and Download the latest compatible ios6 Version!

    It should work!!

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    Thx a lot, it really works!

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    Worked for me!  Well done.


    iPod 3rd gen running iOS5.1.1.  Downloaded Remote (for iOS7 only) onto Mac G5 running iTunes 10.5.3.  Accessed AppStore using the iPod, burrowed in and asked to install Remote app.  Only then was I offered the option of an older version (3.0.1 599.20).  It's now working fine.

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    it may work for the happy few, but it sure does NOT work in my software combination.

    Apple: is this the right way of doing things?

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    It worked for me, asking if I want to download the latest compatible version.

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    iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0.1 and iTunes 11.1.3 on my Macbook Air...


    I can confirm that downloading the "Remote" app in the app store in iTunes on my Macbook Air then going to the app store on my iPhone to download the Remote app there (you will now see a little iCloud download link next to the app instead of the 'Free' button), will prompt the installation of a previous version compatible with iOS 6.


    Thanks for the tip.


    Apple - this could be simpler! Let the app store check iPhone model as well as iOS version and allow anything below iPhone 4s to access previous compatible versions without having to jump through hoops.

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    It worked for me as well.  Apple, this is such a deceiptful attempt at leading customers to think that they MUST acquire a new iPhone.  Why???

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    This solution has worked for me in the past, but now that I am trying to do it again I'm finding that no matter what I am not presented with an option to download an older version of the app.



    I did, however, notice that there was an update to Remote and I am questioning if this has changed.



    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Thank you.

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    This just worked for me, as of June 13, 2014, with an iPod touch v. 4 running ios6.


    I really appreaciate the tip; this was the only thing I wanted to use this iPod for!

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    I just got it to work for me: downloaded Remote to desktop from iTunes (not app store), went to app store on iPod Touch 4th generation running 6.1.6, the remote app showed the little cloud icon, it asked if I wanted to download an older version, I said yes, and I'm now figuring out how to use it. Thanks!

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    Well done. Yes this works for me. I agree that Apple need to look at their policies for those with older hardware who wish to continue to use apps. Thank you.