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What is the use of time machine if it erases all previous backups.What is it I am doing wrong ? Many thanks. ZWW27.

MacBook Air, iOS 7.0.4, OS X Mavericks, not 7.0.4
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    Time Machine deletes the oldest backups when it runs out of room to create new ones.

    If Time Machine is not retaining backups long enough then maybe you need to use a bigger drive for your Time Machine backup.


    See the Additional Information section at the bottom of this article.


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    that is does not seem to be the problem, the time capsule has 0.6 terabytes free out of 1.0

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    How do you know they are being deleted?

    Are you getting a popup saying that Time Machine is deleting older backups?


    ZWW27 wrote:


    it erases all previous backups


    It is erasing all backups but the last one?


    This may help:


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    The oldest backup is from november 20th, a week ago. On that day TM made a complete new backup and deleted all previous ones. This has happened once before. I have been using TM to satisfaction for two years. Could it be Maverick ? I studied the link you sent me, but I donot see the solution there. Any more suggestions ? Many thanks for your help. ZWW27

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    I have been using Mavericks since it's release and have not experienced this at all.

    That isn't to say it isn't the cause of your problem.

    Maybe you should start over. Get a clean drive and start from scratch.

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    Thanks. I gave the backup disk a new name and started to backup. Is that what I should do ?


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    Yes, it is worth a shot and it certainly isn't hurting anything.

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    I installed time machine scheduler some time ago. Since I thought this might be the cause of the problem, I deleted it. Do you have info about Time Machine Scheduler removing all backup history ?



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    I don't use Time Machine Scheduler so I don't know enough about it to say either way. Probably not a bad idea though. Once you are confident that Time Machine is behaving again then you can always try and give it another go.

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    I have read it other discussions that Time Machine Scheduler was causing people problems.

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    Thanks. I will do without. ZWW27