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My work is making me get a second phone. I will be getting an iphone, but want to somehow consolidate the mess. I will have two phone numbers, but one apple id (same person, so same contacts, etc). By using the same apple id am i able to consolidate imessage onto one phone? I know i can forward calls from one phone to the other, but I am confused as to the implications for imessage.

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    I gave a business iPhone 5 with a different number from my personal iPhone 5S and I can send and receive iMessages with both phones using the other number.


    You will activate iMessage with your Apple ID on your business phone making both phone numbers available with iMessage on each iPhone.

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    I have - not I gave.


    Can't edit a post using an iPhone.

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    Thanks Allan. How does sending imessages from one phone work? Do you choose which number to send from with each imessage or do imessages simply have to come from the phone number you send them from?

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    You're welcome.


    There is a preference setting with iMessage on each iPhone or iOS device used with the same Apple ID which phone numbers and email addressees registered with iMessage can be recieved on each device along with a send new iMessage from selection on each device.


    I have my business cell phone number selected to send from with iMessage on my business iPhone and my personal cell phone number selected to send from on my personal iPhone with the ability to receive iMessages with phone numbers available with iMessage on each so iMessages with both numbers are kept synced on each iPhone.


    If you do the same and someone sends an iMessage to your personal cell phone number when using your business iPhone, you will receive it and when replying to that received message it will appear as sent from your personal iPhone and vice versa. When starting a new message not with an existing conversation on your business iPhone, it will appear as being sent from your business number and vice versa.