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I have been trying for days to buy a book I created from iphoto library and it keeps kicking me out. SO I call Support an dthey tell me there is an influx of orders to try at an odd time.

I tried at 4:15 am, 11:00 pm and during work hours. All kicked me out. I think Apple needs to up the anti and get with the program. Aren't they supposed to be the BEST. So far not happy with my new retina display. I may convert back to a PC user.

Any suggestions to get this book made or are we all SOL - My support guy kind of chuckled when I said that to him and he apologized.

Apologies don't solve problems. People solve them..SO FIX IT APPLE

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    Apple do not monitor these discussion groups.


    You really need to bo back to support ask to speak with a supervisor and give all your information in a slow and calm manner.

    If they advise more delays....in your situation, I would ask for a refund. 

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    I did call them but blamed holidays overload on internet to print books... I had to do it at odd hours because of overload. Apple is not the same as it used to be anymore..

    Thanks for reply