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In Pages in OS 9 I had a choice which view of the spreadsheet I wanted to work in. It is useful to me to see how the rows are affected when working in PAGE VIEW.  I cannot find anyway to WORK in Page View in the Maverick version of Pages.  I can only go to the Print window to see what it will LOOK like IF I print it.


This dinking back and forth between the spreadsheet and the Print Window to make my spreadsheet look the way I want BEFORE printing is a real pain. Help!

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    Hi ZW,


    Workarounds https://discussions.apple.com/message/23622372#23622372#

    Features that Apple has promised to reinstate:


    What has been GAINED in Numbers 3 is here:


    What has been lost in Numbers 3 is here:



    I keep icons for both Numbers 2 (Numbers '09) and Numbers 3 on my Dock. I like several of the new features in Numbers 3. I have to be careful which version I use to open a document. To preserve Numbers 2 features, launch Numbers 2 and open a document from within the app.


    Otherwise, delete Numbers 3 and continue with Numbers 2.




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    The first link didn't go to something specific. At least I didn't see it.


    I reviewed the feature list that Apple promises to reinstate and working in page view in Pages isn't listed


    I haven't seen much in the gained list that I use.


    Keeping track of which doc to preserve in 09 to preserve features is fraught with accidentally hitting the save button and making it an OS 10.9 doc which you will have to export back into 09 and heaven knows what that will do to the O9 doc features with all that.  And then if you copy the old 09 to keep a back up while you work on the other in 10.9 and save it's changes gets crazy. Who's going to go back two sets of changes to an 09 to preserve features. You are prettey much locked into 10.9.  And THEN you have to be sure to put only 10.9 docs on iCloud which, if you use a lot, kicks out preserving 09 features.



    I appreciate the links and your response. After reading them nothing has changed as of today regarding working in Numbers 3.0.1 while in page view/ You can't. I take a snap shot while in the first Print window(There are two in sequence) and click Done then refer to the snap shot while making changes. Sad but true.

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    "and working in page view in Pages isn't listed"


    I meant working in page view in Numbers isn't listed.

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    The first link didn't go to something specific. At least I didn't see it.


    Something odd going on. That link to the workarounds thread took me to http://livepage.apple.com


    This is what I hoped you would see (from my archive)


    Show Print View and Show Layout have gone. Workaround hints:

    Work out where the pages are in print preview and then draw a line on the side of your Sheet. That line will hold it's position if you make changes to your row heights or add photos etc. It will add pages to your overall sheet, but then just select the page range to print.


    Export a modified Numbers file to Numbers '09, make any required print view adjustments there and save. Then open in Numbers 3.0 and see if it prints okay.  You may find that one line spills over to the second page; deleting one blank line may make a second try perfect.  Perhaps the top or bottom margins are smaller than the default size in 3.0.


    Menu > View >Show Rulers. Drag Alignment Guides from a ruler to where you want them.  Caution: the rulers and/or Alignment Guides may not be accurate. Try Format Inspector > Arrange > Position (or Size) to see if that works better for you.


    Menu > Numbers > Preferences > Rulers > Alignment Guides. Turn on (tick) both guides. That allows you to align objects with *each other* (as well as with the ruler guides). These guides help to align objects left, middle, right, top, bottom.


    Select multiple objects (command click), then Format Inspector > Arrange > Align (or Distribute). Also under Menu > Arrange.


    When duplicating an object (such as a nicely formatted Table that you want to reuse) select the Table, copy, and before you paste, click on the canvas below. Pasted Table will automatically align with the original. This will sometimes work if you click on the canvas to the right. I haven't worked out why it will not always paste neatly on the right.


    Menu > File > Print to see the Print Preview. Use the Content Scale slider.


    No way to set margins. Workaround: Print the document as PDF. Open the PDF in Preview and use the Cropping Tool to crop out the white space.


    Also, see where you can delete blank rows or columns, or make columns narrower, or drag objects to reduce white space. Not as easy as editing in Print View in Numbers 2, but you are still responsible for (and in charge of) the final look!


    Not solutions, just workarounds!




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    Wow! Sounds like you have been really working this issue.


    I'm going to opt for the first choice with the line and keep the rest for reference.