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I have an on going problem with aperture 3  when using it, I get Kernal repotrs shut down and boot up aperture then need repair, . hapen now so many time,s So was thinking to uninstall it and re install it fresh, from download,


would this lose any work i have done.?  Not sure where my key is,


Some one already looking at karnal reports.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750
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      Not sure where my key is,

    Aperture 3 displays the registration key in the "About" panel:  In the main menu bar:   Aperture > About Aperture.


    Make a copy of the registration number you are seing there and keep it save.

    What is your Aperture version? If it is not the current Aperture 3.5 and licenced to the AppStore, you cannot download it any longer from Apple's web site. You will need to find your installer disks as well, to be able to reinstall Aperture.


    Reinstalling Aperture will only help with your kernel panics, if a faulty Aperture installation is the problem.


    Other applications hat you installed recently may cause Aperture to crash and the system to panic as well. Have you tried to remember, what else you installed recently? Any plug-ins for Aperture, any other recent third-party applications that may need upgrading? Any helper tools for monitoring the system, cleaning the system, additional fonts, etc?

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    Hi , thanks for the reply, yes i down loaded photomerge for cs5 ext . I have read that cs6  extensions is suspect for this kernal panic. I then could not get photomerge to work after installing the plug in. so i took Cs5 out and re installed it, it was allok, Then started to get the paniks again. When using aperture.3,3.5


    Got a meeting with mac borneo later. Again See if they can fix the problem. But not sure if they are versed with aperture.