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Hi all...

I just want to follow up on something from earlier this year.  About deleting photos.

The guru's (DT, OT, LN) taught me and others to try to limit deleting photos to 100 at a time from iphoto trash. 

i.e. when you delete pictures, empty your iphoto trash when there are less than 100 pics in it.

Good advice. Thanks guys.  I want to give feedback on another issue about deleting photos.


I suspected that iphoto never deleted certain pictures.  So you might think you deleted 4000 pictures over the years, but you may have actually only deleted 2500... the other 1500 are hanging out in the masters folder or elsewhere.  Turns out, I found out that is absolutely true.


Here is what happens.

If I import say 100 photos into a new event.

Then I go through and delete 25 pictures.

Then I merge that event with another event.

Then I go to trash in iphoto (at any time after that merge) and delete those 25 pictures from iphoto trash.

They will NOT be deleted.

(just empty your system/desktop trash can, and try it... the 25 pictures will not be in the system trash can as they should after deleting them from iphoto trash).


The fatal mistake:  MERGING events BEFORE you delete those pictures from iphoto trash!!!!


If you empty the iphoto trash can before merging events, all is well.


I have confirmed this on my Mac.  But more importantly, I was in Apple store yesterday and confirmed it with a brand new Mac running Mavericks and the Newest Iphoto.  Just try it and you will see.


In sum:  you delete photos from Event A.  You merge A with Event B to create Event C.  Then you empty your iphoto trash (after merging events).  Those pictures you sent to iphoto trash from Event A before you merged with B... will NOT be deleted from iphoto and be hidden in your library.

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