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i got a new iphon 5s 1month back. i didnt notice this problem untill now: i cant login into game center!

its says cocoa error 4097!


searched internet.



FaceTime, Game Center, Messages: Troubleshooting sign in issues





link above. does not help.


1. i got internet.

2. i got correct Apple ID

3. can signin itunes, app store. but NOT for game center. so only game center.

4. the Date & Time is correct.

5. its a new phone. i dont have iphone firewalls installed. i actually never heard of it.

6. again. new phone. no app altering host file i believe.(i just installed same thing as my iphone 4s, which had no problem with these apps.)


7. please. i want this phone to be a business phone. so i really dont want to do a restore for a stupid game center function.




i would hope i could get a solution from communities.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4