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I've never had a problem importing photos to my MacBook Pro or desktop iMac but I recently got a new iPhone (5s) and when I attached it to my MacBook nothing happened. I manually opened iPhoto and the iPhone appears under devidces but when I click on that it shows zero photos and import photos is not clickable.


Bit of a panic as my iphone is full and can't take anymore photos - it's Thanksgiving and family is on the way. Can anyone help me solve this?


Not sure if there is any other info that is helpful. I have not 'paired' this phone with a computer yet - I usually use my iMac as that is where my music library is - but that didn't get in the way of uploading photos from previous iphones.


Thank you.


  • léonie Level 10 Level 10
    Photos for Mac

    Bob, what kind of photos are on your iPhone? Photos taken with the iPhone,or photos synced to your iPhone?


    iPhoto will only see the photos in your camera roll, not the photos synced from your computer.

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    You have to open iTunes, and then when asked wether you want to allow computer to access your iPhone, click Allow. And then a notification will pop up on your iPhone asking wether you want to trust the computer, tap Trust.


    Revisit iPhoto / Aperture / Lightroom / whatever program you use to import the pics, and it will be enabled by now.