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Hello, I'm new to the MacOS world and have an urgent need to support my Mac users for a web application. Here is what I need;


A user opens a file of specific type, extension "message.hef". For the most part the file is received as an email attachment.

A script or droplet gets called by the system with a path to the file

The script opens Safari with a pre-determined URL and waits for the user to signin and the page to load.

The script sets the form "file" value to the file path (or simulate a drag&drop) and issues a post to the web server to upload the file for processing


I'm currently providing the users with a desktop .webloc file that they open safari on the page and lets the user to drag&drop the file. But, the user experience for them is unacceptable and simply want to click on the file.


Thanks in advance for your help and support.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6