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Hi to everyone,

I just noticed some days ago that on my brand new MacBook Pro (5-6 months older) 2.3 ghz I7 with 10.8.5, the right and left fans are always on.


Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.05.19 AM.png


From what I can remember, in this months I never noticed something like this, I mean fans always on, especially when the mac wasn't run any application.

I don't use to install craps on the macs, I always used this philosophy, even if the Mac is less "fancy" and I always got great result, my Powerbook G4 1.67 ghz with 10.5.8 still working great!

I usually use it mainly for music production and daily net-mail works. I have for the 80% of the time the Mac connected with a NEC EX231W external display by thunderbolt, a Motu 4Pre, by the fw800, a WD usb3 hd on a usb port and a 4usb hub on the other port.

From what I can remember in the past months I neved had the fan always on, for most of the time they were really off and from the first moment I always use the set I metioned above.

So now I'm starting to be worry about, because I noticed that even when the mac is working with the battery, with no devices connected, running really few applications, not particualry heavy, the fans are always at 1998/2000 rpm.

Thanks to everyone can help me to fix this problem.