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Hi to everyone,

I just noticed some days ago that on my brand new MacBook Pro (5-6 months older) 2.3 ghz I7 with 10.8.5, the right and left fans are always on.


Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.05.19 AM.png


From what I can remember, in this months I never noticed something like this, I mean fans always on, especially when the mac wasn't run any application.

I don't use to install craps on the macs, I always used this philosophy, even if the Mac is less "fancy" and I always got great result, my Powerbook G4 1.67 ghz with 10.5.8 still working great!

I usually use it mainly for music production and daily net-mail works. I have for the 80% of the time the Mac connected with a NEC EX231W external display by thunderbolt, a Motu 4Pre, by the fw800, a WD usb3 hd on a usb port and a 4usb hub on the other port.

From what I can remember in the past months I neved had the fan always on, for most of the time they were really off and from the first moment I always use the set I metioned above.

So now I'm starting to be worry about, because I noticed that even when the mac is working with the battery, with no devices connected, running really few applications, not particualry heavy, the fans are always at 1998/2000 rpm.

Thanks to everyone can help me to fix this problem.

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    2000 rpm is the default fan speed for the MacBook Pro, so it looks like everything is working OK unless fan sensors are not working.


    If you want, reset the SMC > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964 However, I would not be worried

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    Totally normal, they're always on @2000RPM.

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    So I don't have to worry about it? I was wondering why in the previous months there were several times the fan were completely off and now they are always run a 2000rpm.

    Can you please explain it?

    @Mende I read the link you suggested but I'm not 100% sicure that is my case, what I can do to double check if this is my case?

    Thank you so much!

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    The SMC manages the fan speed, so it is the thing to reset if you have any problem with fans.


    On MacBooks, fans always run at 2000 rpm. They will only run at more speed when you are doing heavy tasks, but they won't work below that speed. From what you say, it looks like you didn't notice that fans were working in the past, because fan speed has not changed

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    Do you have Blackberry desktop software on your Macbook?

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    Yes, exactly, I remember that sometimes when I was checking the istat widget the fans were at 0 rpm, both of them.

    And now they are alway on from 1995 to 2001 rpm, so is that normal?

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    No, never used any Blackberry client software..

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    If they were at 0 rpm, that would indicate a problem with the fans. 2000 rpm is the default fan speed and this is normal

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    They were at 0rpm sometimes, I can remember that, now they run at 2000rpm always, so what do you suggest to do? A reset of the SMC or not?

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    As we've repeatedly mentioned, the fans are designed to run all the time, in a 2000-6000 RPM range. If at any time speed falls to zero, "Houston, we have a problem" time has arrived. The heat load from the CPU (and GPU, if so equipped) would quickly reach the danger zone.


    Why would you get a zero RPM reading? As usual, it is either a software or a hardware problem. Software: whatever it is you're using for the readout ain't getting it right OR there's a major "kunfuzzion" in there. Hardware: speed sensor(s) damaged OR fan(s) blocked and really not running. Either way, the issue needs to be addressed pronto, cause if "no fan(s)" is really  and truly NO FAN(S), Mac's gonna be kaput in no time.


    Note that I say fan(s) cause we've yet to confirm if yours is a 15" unit. Those and the ancient 17" come with two fans. The 13" units have a single one.

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    Thank you for full response.

    I appreciate the detailed response