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I have Imac 27" 2011, I want upgrade my hard drive to SSD 1TB. What model is compatible?


Thanks for ur help.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Since there are only one or 2 SSDs of the 1TB size your choices are limited to those. All SSDs are of the notebook style drive size, 2.5" x 7.5-9.5mm. So if your iMac uses he standard Desktop size drive you would need a mounting adaptr tha are available just about anywhere.

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    Ssd 1tb Samsung 840 Evo Series

    This model will work ?

    Its possible to install this SSD model and keep my old HD 1tb installed together ?


    thanks a lot, pal.

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    The only way to install 2 drives in any iMac is to remove the optical, DVD, drive and install the second drive in the drive bay that normally holds the DVD, Optical, drive. you would also need a special caddy to do that. But yse it can be done. that is if your iMac has a built in DVD drive. The newer models don't.

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    Thanks for ur response.

    Mine does have a DVD drive.

    SSD 1tb Samsunb 840 Evo Series will work on my imac model ? Its Sata III model

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    All current drives available are backward compatible. But there are some Mac computers that used low quality drive to logic board cables and on those models faster drive do not work correctly until you replace the original cable with an updated/upgraded version.


    Whether your iMac is one of those I have no idea. It is not something Apple acknowledges and the only way to tell is after you install a faster drive. If it works the cable is OK. If it doesn't then you will then need to replace the cable.


    Instead of getting a REAL SSD, which are very expensive, you should look at the Seagate XT series drives. That series includes Flash storage and standard rotating HDD. They cost 1/4-1/6 the cost of a real SSD and are almost as fast.

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    That is not true in the 27"  There is space for the 2nd drive, under the logic board.  See iFixit for the details.