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Elliott DoP Level 1 (0 points)

I am thinking of doing an uninstall of final cut pro 7 and possible fresh install of my osx snow leopard to see if it will help with the gamma shift bugs i have been getting in projects. If I do this then reinstall fcp will my original saved projects still work?


Any help appreciated



Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Posthumous Level 2 (235 points)

    Before doing anything try trashing your preferences.


    This is a helpful app:




    If you do want to uninstall FCP here's a helpful app:




    Yes your projects will still work. Make sure the paths are the same.


    Most importantly, back up everything.


    Just out of curiosity, what gamma shift are you referring to?

  • David Harbsmeier Level 7 (29,930 points)

    If your decide to reinstall, make sure you run Software Update afterward to get it up to date.



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    Thank you for replying. I thought it might be a silly question but it seems it never hurts to be 100% sure when it comes to final cut pro. I did a preference trash manually by going in to the fcp docs and finding the necessary folders and moving them to the trash, do you see any gain in letting the digital rebellion app do this again before I reinstall? I just got the fcp remover app and am going to use it. Back up is no problem, by paths I assume you mean where the project bin media is linked to the actual media folder and to keep an eye on where I set my capture scratch, render file folders etc when I reinstall. anything else?

    The gamma shift has completely taken me by surprise and put my work load on hold. It started about a month ago but was in editing stages of a project so thought it might have been a box ticked in fcp that was not mean't to be or settings that were mismatched etc. but after careful analysis of settings it seems to happen regardless of what I do. It started when I was editing prores 422HQ footage that was a strange resolution 2048 x 871 I would apply an effect/plugin to the footage and the gamma curve would shift either making the footage contrasty or alternatively washed out. so from this I hypothesised that it was a data rate issue as I was editing 2k off a usb hdd. tryed it again this time editing from a firewire 800 Graid drive..same problem. decided to go back to basics, started editing 1920x1080 16.9 prores 422 footage originating from 8bit 420 material. when I add a effect/plugin as simple as the widescreen 2.35.1 and render that.. gamma shifts up, robbing the image of its colour accuracy and raising the blacks. My knowledge has only been able to take me so far as I feel this is bug related. the only things I can think about are in the past month I downloaded quicktime pro 7 which incidentally the latest version I have won't output prores 4444 but all other flavours, i installed Nvidia cuda graphics driver or at least I think I did in an attempt to get davinci resolve lite working and osx mavericks has come out, so keep asking my self is it a bug related with these and will a reinstall fix?

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    But be careful with software updates.  I think the latest pro apps updates kills the hdv and xdcam codecs. 


    Here's a thread detailing the horror and possible fixes.