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I run an online business and we store customer information in Excel files (Office for Mac 2011). When I search for names in finder, it only shows the files from 2011 or older. New Excel sheets (one is created each day for the days orders) are not found. I have one open right now with the name Trevor Alin. When I search Trevor Alin in Finder, it returns only an old sheet from 2011, it won't show todays file. The same is true for files from months ago.


Is there anything I can do to ensure finder searches new excel files?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    See this note…

    Spotlight: How to re-index folders or volumes



    Once the index is rebuilt it should show new entries. If that doens't work backup & ensure your disk is verified and repaired in recovery mode via Disk Utility.

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    Unfortunately this doesn't solve the issue for me. I remember a long time ago doing something in the Console window, I have looked everywhere for that code.

    I'm not trying to search with spotlight, though I still followed the steps, I use launchbar instead of spotlight and what I'm refering to above is a search using command+f in Finder. Not sure if this is Spotlight so please excuse my ignorance if it is. However, that re-indexing did not work for me.

    Any suggestions?

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    Console is just a log reader…



    You are probably thinking of Terminal



    I think you may need to post to Launchbar's support unless someone else can help, I don't use it & don't know if it only uses Spotlight's index for finding items.



    Does Spotlight find the items now? If it does better than Launchbar you will need to look at how to refresh LB's index.