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Mike Kaplan Level 1 (40 points)

HI folks,


My new copy of Logic is crashing mercilessly in Mavericks every time I use it with my Apogee Duet.  This is very annoying- I have a gig to do this Tuesday and was counting on enjoying all my nice new software, and now it won't run for more than thirty seconds at a time.  I'm not asking anything too demanding- just running one drummer track and a few software instruments that I play live.  It was working fine for about a week and then just now I must have reached some kind of tipping point, because it runs fine using the built-in output, but not at all with the Duet any more.


Anyone have any tips in terms of buffer size or other parameters that might help?  The sound is so much better from the Duet (when it's not crashing, that is).



-Mike Kaplan