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I will be installing a new Time Capsule and really want to know if i should disconnect the existing DSL modem from my Airport Extreme and connect it to the Time Capsule  --  or, will that cause me to lose the existing network settings??  One option that i found suggests letting Airport Utility setup the time capsule as an extension on the existing network - but, i want to make sure it is the BASE router for maximum performance.

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    I think you have it correct.  With the Time Capsule, you should no longer need the Airport Extreme.  However, you'll have to set up a new Time Capsule wireless network.  It's not any more difficult than it was on the Airport Extreme.  I think if you even give it the same network name and password, all of your devices should connect seamlessly.  If not, then you'll have to reconnect the various devices but again, a very simple process.  One thing to know though is that the "out of the box" recommendation is to set the Time Capsule to bridge mode.  (It's a one-click setting in the Airport Utility.)  I can explain more what that means, but if all you're trying to do is use the 802.11ac wifi speeds and have one wifi access point, then bridge mode works without a hitch.


    Again, I don't think you'll need or want the Airport Extreme.  (Hello, craigslist.)  I would try just the TC to see if everything starts working well.  Cluttering the airwaves with two wifi access points can be tricky, so best to avoid if you don't need it.