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How do i get my tv to detect my apple tv

Apple TV
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    Your question is rather vague, but let me assume this is your first Apple TV and you have the newest model.

    Hopefully, you have it connected to your TV with an HDMI cable.  Be sure your TV is on and the correct Input is selected on the TV that you have your Apple TV connected to.  (ie: HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.).  You can select the correct Input from your TV's remote control unit.

    Once you have your TV set to the correct input, Turn on Apple TV by pressing the center button on the remote and giving it a moment or two to come alive.  At first you will have to do a bit of setup but just follow the directions and you should be ready to enjoy your new Apple TV!  If all esle fails, read the owner's guide that was included with your Apple TV.  For the most part, most folks forget about selecting the proper input on their television.  Some remotes will label this selector button either "Input", or "Video" depending on the brand of TV.

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    Thanks for the response, I read through the manual it doesn't say anything about the tv not picking up the signal. Everything is plugged in correctly, I change the input to hdmi and then I did click the center button, it still says that there isn't a signal. I have wifi but it doesn't seem to be picking up the apple tv

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    I'm not completely certain what you mean by "picking up the signal"  There is no wireless connection from the Apple TV to the Television.  But I am going to assume you connected the Apple TV to the Television set with an HDMI connector.  Two things to check as this is highly unusual.  First, check that you have the electric plug in all the way on the Apple TV if you do not see the "on" light on the front of the Apple TV when you turn it on with the remote.  It is a very tight fit.  But while you are checking that, why not have your TV ready to view Apple TV with all settings correctly done.  Then unplug the electric cord from the Apple TV for about ten seconds and then plug the cord back in to the Apple TV.  You should see a startup screen within a few moments.  At least a big Apple logo on the screen.  My son unplugged one of our Apple TV's and plugged it back in.  Then light came on but Apple TV did not function at all.  I discovered he had not plugged the electric power cord into the Apple TV far enough. 

    The reason your TV is showing "No Signal" is that it is not receiving anything on that particular input, meaning one of a few things... 1. either you have more than one HDMI input and have not selected the correct one, 2. The HDMI cable is faulty, 3. the power cord is not plugged in correctly (it fits very tightly in place), or 4. you have a faulty Apple TV.  The last is highly unllikely, but not out of the question.  If you just purchased this product you can also go to www.apple.com/support and put in a support request.  Apple will call you back and walk you through any steps you need to take to get Apple TV up and running smoothly.  For free if you are installing this within 90 days of purchase. But one of the above steps should get your Apple TV up and running.  It's a great product.  One more thought... one thing you will want to keep in mind is if you EVER have any issues, ALWAYS unplug the Apple TV for a minute or so and then plug it back in.  It's a miracle "fix".   Also you will have to set up your wi-fi for use on Apple TV once you get it up and running.

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    I checked it all! My Apple TV isn't picking up the wifi in my house, I moved the Apple TV to a tv that is closer to the wifi router and it is still not picking up the signal, the white light is coming on but nothing is coming on the tv, I checked all wired and I even unplugged the wires, waited a minute and plugged it back in.. Still nothing everything is brand new, the hdmi cord and the Apple TV so I'm guessing the Apple TV is a faulty Apple TV

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    If you are not seeing the Apple TV initial start screen and you believe all is connected properly, then either the HDMI cable is no good, or indeed the Apple TV could be a rare faulty unit.  In any case, Apple can replace your unit immediately for you with just a phone call.  Apple's customer service is nothing short of phenomenal so that may be the best route to go.