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Is it possible to disable hourly backups and have only daily & monthly?  I could not find any option to do this.  And, in case I need to restore from the backup, is there any documentation?  Thanks!

MacBook Pro
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    1. Time Machine does not allow you to do it without third-party applications. To change the frequency of backups, use TimeMachineEditor.


    2. To restore individual files from a backup, you have to open a Finder window, go to the folder where the file you want to restore is and open the Time Machine app. See > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1427


    To restore the whole backup, you have to start up from the Mac OS X DVD (for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6) or OS X Recovery (OS X Lion and later), and you will find an option to restore the Time Machine button. To start up in OS X Recovery, hold Command and R keys while your Mac is starting up

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    Thank you for the reply!  If I have re-install the OS for some reason, will resotration include  third-party software I have installed on the Mac?  Will it also include  entire Operating Systems like Windows (via Parallels)?


    PS: I have the Macbook Pro.

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    If you just reinstall OS X, you will keep everything. However, if you erase the hard drive, you will have to reinstall all your apps and restore your files from your Time Machine backup