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My PB computer was on for a day or so and when I went to use it it would not wake up from sleep - I assume it goes to sleep after the screen saver runs for a while.


I turned it off using the Power switch. and turned it back on but it only goes a far as the gray screen with the Apple logo.  No spinning wheel or progress bar. 

I then booted from the 10.4.11 Install disk, ran Disk Utility and it reported the following:


Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit.


Volume could not be repaired because of an error.


I then ran the Tech Tool Deluxe 3.1.1 disk which I got with my Apple Care back in 2006.  It ran all tests except Surface Scan and reported problems in several categories relating to Volume Structure.    I went back and included surface Scan.   It found 18 errors but seemed to get hung up after 5 minutes.

After rebooting to the TT disk, it is now not finding my hard drive!


Would an updated Tech Tool or Disk Warrior be likely to repair the drive?  Am I likely to be able to recover files from the hard drive?  Thank you for any advice you have!

Mac OS X (10.4.11), LaserWriter 16/600 PS
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    For some reason the details of my PowerBook did not post.  It's  a PB G4 1.33ghz  bought in 2005

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    It sounds like a Hard Drive Failure. I doubt that TT or Diskwarrior will do anything to fix these errors. It is expensive to recover anything from the failed HD.

    You can try to Power it down again Pull the Plug and turn it clear OFF.

    Leave it OFF for at least 5 minutes then you can try to Start the Computer. If it does then be prepared to transfer anything you need from that computer a USB Backup drive.

    Sorry but from what you explain don't get your hopes up.



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    Thank you for the info.  when booting to the hard drive i now hear a clicking sound sort of like a very loud clock - not exactly in perfect time though it started that way initially.  I envision an armature bouncing within the hd?   I think I first started to hear this when Tech Tool started the surface scan which I guess accelerated the deterioation of the drive?  also, now a small folder icon appears instead of the grey apple logo, with a question mark and the "apple face" alternatively flashing. Sign of a dead drive?


    In tems of my new Mac, I want to make sure I can handle the pix and video of my two  2year old twins.  I'm thinking a Mini, maybe and imac or another laptop (iBook), but should I make sure I get an upgraded video card etc.?, or should a standard issue configuration be able to handle simple home movies and burning?  I havenot been following development in the wired world that well the last 7 years so I'm not as up on this stuff as I used to be.

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    I recently replaced a HD in a iBook G4 and it had been pretty easy since I found a compatiable HD in a USB 2.0 External Case, you'll be looking at a costly repair from anywhere $20-40, it would be perfect for those twins to use and play with in a couple years.


    Cheers, -JP